Footage of emu in Murray River compared to Loch Ness Monster

While many will be used to seeing emus and kangaroos running or bouncing across the hot, dry Australian landscapes, you may be less familiar with observing them in the lush Murray River of South Australia.

Recently an emu was caught on video emerging from the river in footage that looks remarkably similar to the iconic image depicting Scotland's infamous mythical creature.

"It seems South Australia has its very own Loch Ness Monster," the official Australia Instagram account captioned the video.

"South Australia has its very own 'Nessie'!" Murray River Trails said on YouTube.

The Murray River for 600,000 years has been winding its way from the Snowy Mountains through to the Murray Mouth near Goolwa some 2600km away. 

Once emu eggs are laid, the father sits on the nest for around 55 days, even going without food, until the little chicks emerge. 

The dad then stays with them to teach them how to forage and survive until they are around six months old. Meanwhile, their mother, having laid the eggs, heads off speed dating with other male emus.