MIQ booking: What time New Zealand managed isolation spots are released in cities around the world

A further 3000 spots in MIQ will be released by the government on September 28, Minister Chris Hipkins confirmed at this afternoon's COVID-19 press conference.

The tickets will go online at 6pm New Zealand time, with the lobby opening an hour earlier. 

Hipkins says no matter what time you arrive in the lobby, everyone has an equal chance to get one of the MIQ spots.

"This release will be for around 3000 rooms across October, November and December, and there will be more releases after this one," Hipkins said.

He said the MIQ website would be updated before the release of the quarantine spots following feedback from those who used the system earlier this week.

On Monday, around 30,000 people were online all hoping to get one of 3000 tickets released at 9am that morning.

What time are the 3000 MIQ spots being released where you are:

  • Sydney, Australia 3pm
  • Tokyo, Japan 2pm
  • Perth, Australia 1pm
  • New Delhi, India 10.30am
  • Berlin, Germany 7am
  • Cape Town, South Africa 7am
  • London, England 6am
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2am
  • New York, USA 1am
  • Los Angeles, USA 10pm

If you are planning to jump online and attempt to get a spot in managed isolation, keep in mind daylight saving time begins in New Zealand this weekend.