Passengers panic in video showing tarantula crawling walls of aircraft mid-flight in US

Perhaps it was just looking for extra legroom.
Perhaps it was just looking for extra legroom. Photo credit: HypeSocksUSA

It's probably the stuff of nightmares for many, a tarantula crawling the walls of a plane mid-flight, but it was all too real for those on a flight in the United States over the weekend.

Video of the incident was posted online by the CEO of clothing company Hype Socks and has been viewed millions of times.

While comfort animals are allowed on most domestic flights in the US, it's unlikely this creature was there to comfort anyone.

The video shows the arachnid crawling into the luggage compartments, perhaps looking for more legroom, before a passenger decides to rescue it.

The tarantula is able to be caught in a plastic bag and is then taken to the back of the aircraft by cabin crew.

HypeSocksUSA captioned the video: "Shout out to the employee who saved our lives."

However, tarantulas are harmless to humans and usually do whatever they can to avoid the great danger we actually are to them.

It's not known yet which airline was involved in the incident or where the tarantula had come from.

One can only hope there was no one onboard with arachnophobia as well as a fear of flying.