Aura SkyPool: World's first 360-degree infinity pool opens in Dubai, 200m above the ground

Arguably one of the most spectacular pools in the world, the Aura SkyPool, will soon open in Dubai.

It's the world's highest infinity pool at 200m up in the air, and is also the first full 360-degree infinity pool on the planet.

Aura will be open daily from 10am until sunset with people let in during specific time slots to make sure the pool doesn't get overcrowded.

The 750-square-metre pool deck also includes a lounge and a bar.

As for the building the pool sits on, designers have built something they hope brings the outdoors in. 

While Kiwis may not be able to make it for the mid-November opening, they may want to add Aura SkyPool to their post-pandemic travel bucket list.