Fiji Airways releases new safety video for 2022

Fiji Airways has launched its new safety video, an eco-focused showcase of the country's amazing scenery.

The video will be a tease to Kiwis keen to travel, with footage of white sandy beaches and natural wonders and an update on what the people of Fiji and its airline are doing to help preserve the environment on the islands. 

Shot across seven locations, the five-minute safety briefing talks about some of the initiatives Fiji Airways has undertaken to preserve its beautiful yet fragile home. These include mangrove rehabilitation projects, solar powered resorts, turtle sanctuaries and coral nurseries, among others. 

Fiji Airways releases new safety video for 2022
Photo credit: Fiji Airways.

With more than 84 percent of the adult population double vaccinated, and a mandate for all employed adults to be fully vaxxed by November 1, Fiji is on track to be one the most COVID-safe travel destinations on the planet. And with flights from New Zealand resuming from December 1, Fiji Airways' Managing Director & CEO Andre Viljoen hopes this five minute showcase of the airline and Fiji itself will be what makes Kiwis finally get booking.

"The unveiling of this production is more than just another safety video. It's very symbolic of the journey we have been on for the past 18 months and our return to the skies in an eco-sustainable manner. The production started before COVID-19 struck, so to be able to finally play it onboard our aircraft signals that we are very close to welcoming tourists back to Fiji," Viljoen said.

As well as footage of Fiji Airways' ultra-modern A350 aircraft - the video also uses some unique techniques to explain the safety procedures on its aircraft such as drawing the shape of a plane in the sand of one of Fiji's many beaches.

While its production value is high, much of the talent in the video comes from staff who already work for the airline. First Officer Pilots Petrina Simpson and Vinay Makanji feature, as well as Lounge staff member Liku Gucake. 

Even the voiceover comes from an airline staff member with Reservations Senior Manager Anna Morris adding her voice to the video.

The production team spent months researching the environmental initiatives taking place across Fiji's more than 300 islands. While some locations narrowly missed the cut, the film directed by Edward Copestick was structured in such a way to allow new initiatives to feature in future iterations of the production.

Fiji Airways has two A350 XWB aircraft and five Boeing 737 MAX in its fleet, which are among the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world. The reduction in fuel usage and carbon dioxide emission is a focus for the airline, Viljoen said in a statement. 

Fiji Airways releases new safety video for 2022
Photo credit: Fiji Airways.

"The work that some of our partners on the ground in Fiji have been doing with regards to eco-sustainability and conservation is quite incredible. We're delighted to showcase these to a wider audience through our digital channels and inflight while reiterating our commitment to safety. We are confident that others will take inspiration from some of these initiatives, added Viljoen."

The new safety video will begin screening onboard all Fiji Airways international flights when commercial flying resumes on December 1.