Singapore Airlines launches 'We Look Forward to Seeing You in the Air Again' ad campaign

Singapore Airlines has launched a new campaign titled 'We Look Forward to Seeing You in the Air Again' and for fans of pop star Harry Styles, the concept may seem very familiar.

The 30-second video follows a group of travellers flying or floating in the air as they get ready for their flight and make their way to the airport. 

It appears heavily inspired by the music video for Harry Styles' 'Sign of the Times' music video, and the ad is indeed a sign of our times, as Singapore Airlines looks to rebuild its network in 2022.

The airline says the levitation represents the ease at which its customers navigate their pre-flight journey with the company.

The video ends with the travellers comfortably settled in their aircraft seats. It also features parts of the airline's new sonic signature, the 'Sound of Singapore Airlines', which is based on the airline's batik motif. 

As well as a large rollout of the campaign in Singapore, the new advertisement has launched around the world in places such as New York Times Square and Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing. 

The new campaign is part of the airline's long-time relationship with advertising agency TBWA.

The ad was directed by Roslee Yusof, who has previously worked with brands such as Porsche and Guinness.

"I have always had Singapore Airlines as a dream client to shoot for and my dream has come true," Yusof said.

Meanwhile, Singapore Airlines recently announced it would be returning the popular Airbus A380 onto the Singapore-London route.