Squid Game: The filming locations you can visit

Nightscape of Seoul with skyscraper.

If you're one of the millions of people who binge-watched Squid Game, you may be one of those fans who wants to see the filming locations from the hit show, in person.

The dystopian Korean thriller follows desperate, cash-strapped contestants compete in death games for a growing cash prize and has broken viewing records since its release in September, becoming Netflix's most-watched series to date. 

While most of the smash hit was filmed in specially-built sound stages, outdoor scenes were shot along the streets of Seoul.

For fans keen to visit those filming locations once you can travel to South Korea, here's where to go:

Namsan Park, Seoul


Squid Game: The filming locations you can visit

This is Seoul's largest park, which also happens to be the place Gi-hun, the show's protagonist, was dropped off after escaping the first game. You can explore the park's many scenic trails and then walk over to the N Seoul Tower for amazing city views. The top-rated private Central Soul Tour combines a visit to Namsan Park with other popular attractions in Seoul such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village. 

Wolmido Island, Seoul

Squid Game: The filming locations you can visit

In episode two, viewers see ruthless gangster Deok-soo meet his fellow gang members at the old-school My Land Amusement Park on Wolmido Island, located just outside of Seoul in Incheon. This full-day 'escape from the crowded streets of Seoul' tour will take you from Seoul to Wolmido Island with stops at other seaside attractions, including the picturesque Yeongjong Rail Bike.

Yangjae Citizen's Forest Station, Seoul

Squid Game: The filming locations you can visit

Few Squid Game fans can forget the iconic ddakji (paper flipping game) scene. Filmed at the subway station in the early morning hours, Gi-hun plays countless humiliating rounds of Korean ddakji with a mysterious recruiter - earning him not only multiple slaps to the face, but also his first invitation to the Squid Game. You can find your escape at Yangjae Citizens' Park forest trails right next to the station, and end your day at the museum-lined stretch of Nambusunhwan-ro 20 minutes away. The Seoul Arts Centre, Hanwon Museum of Art, and National Gugak Center are excellent cultural pit stops.

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