Investigation launched after woman allegedly breastfeeds cat mid-flight

The cat had been allowed onboard as a support animal.
The cat had been allowed onboard as a support animal. Photo credit: Getty Images

A woman flying from New York to Atlanta is being spoken to by authorities after allegedly trying to breast feed her cat mid-flight.

The incident came to light after a screenshot of a message being sent from the cockpit to airline staff on the ground was shared on Reddit.

The message was being sent using a system known as ACARS, a text messaging service used by airlines to communicate with pilots while they are in the air.

"Req. Redcoat (customer service agents) meet AC Pax (passenger) in (seat) 13A is breastfeeding a cat and will not put cat back in its carrier when FA (flight attendant) requested," the message said. 

In a post on TikTok, Ainsley Elizabeth - who claimed to be a flight attendant - shared more information of how the incident unfolded.

"This woman had one of those, like, hairless cats swaddled up in a blanket so it looked like a baby. Her shirt was up and she was trying to get the cat to latch and she wouldn't put the cat back in the carrier. And the cat was screaming for its life."

Support animals are allowed on Delta Airlines flights, however they must be kept in their carrier.

In a statement to local media, the airline said previous passengers had interpreted "emotionally supportive" to mean "comfort turkeys, gilding possums, snakes, spiders and more".

Delta Airlines is investigating the incident.