Passengers at Bajura Airport in Nepal forced to push plane with flat tyre down the runway

They then had to wait for replacement tyres to arrive.
They then had to wait for replacement tyres to arrive. Photo credit: Twitter: PLA_samrat

It's a scene you're more likely to see on a state highway, but photos have emerged of airline passengers in Nepal pushing a plane down the runway due to a flat tyre.

A video of the incident has been viewed across social media more than one million times.

It took place at Bajura Airport when a flight operated by Tara Air arrived from Simkot in Humla.

The deflated tyre meant the aircraft was stuck in the middle of the runway and subsequently all other flights in and out of the airport had to be delayed.

With no towing machinery or tools on hand, it was left to passengers and airport staff to push the aircraft all the way to the end of the runway and then across to its parking spot near the terminal.

Passengers then had to wait for another plane to arrive with new tyres and engineers from Nepalganj, according to the Indian Express.

The video's uploader, who is Nepali themself, joked in the caption that this calamity could only happen in Nepal.

Bajura Airport is a small regional facility about 400km from Nepal.