Ryanair takes swing at Boris Johnson in viral tweet

It was recently revealed Johnson held Christmas parties at the height of lockdown.
It was recently revealed Johnson held Christmas parties at the height of lockdown. Photo credit: Getty Images

Irish budget airline Ryanair has taken a swing at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his secret Christmas party as part of a tweet outlining the United Kingdom's change in alert level.

In the Twitter post, the airline has added its own take on the different alert levels alongside the Government level guidelines.

While the Government's description for level 5 says there's a "risk of healthcare services being overwhelmed," Ryanair's take said Downing Street's level 5 was more of a "full on rave."

"Everyone off their tits. Jacob crying in the corner for a nanny."

Level 4 in Downing Street was described as "Boris topless, asking Thatcher portrait if she comes here often."

Downing Street's Level 3 was described in the tweet as "booze, snogging and Gove in charge of refreshments."

Boris Johnson's government is currently facing a massive backlash after it was revealed secret Christmas parties were held at Downing Street during last Christmas' lockdown, which meant millions of members of the public were unable to see their family members over the holiday season.

One response to the tweet said it was a sign of just how bad things had become for the Conservative government.

"On one level this is unprofessional. On another it's showing what a shocking state our government is in when companies can openly mock them. They must be confident that most of the public will be in agreement with them. Time for change," Alan1975 said.

While a response from Mark Alexander pointed out the irony of a budget airline known for its ultra budget business model having a go at the government.

"RyanAir has more moral authority than the Tories. Dear God," he said.