Spectacular landings caught on camera as Storm Eunice slams London Heathrow

It was one of the biggest storms to hit Britain in 30 years and it was also one of the biggest causes of excitement on the internet this year.

Storm Eunice hit the UK over the weekend, bringing wind speeds as strong as 200km/h, and with strong winds comes spectacular airport landings.

YouTube channel Big Jet TV had its biggest day ever with over 200,000 people tuning in live to watch as plane after plane and pilot after pilot battled the intense crosswinds attempting to land at London Heathrow Airport.

Operated by self-described aviation geek Jerry Dyer and his wife, the channel grew in popularity as the storm rolled in, Dyer streamed live for almost eight hours. The broadcast has since amassed 7.4 million views.

"Easy, easy," is one of his many phrases which were in frequent use as aircraft wobbled their way across London.

Dyer was in full commentary mode during the video, explaining the 'three strikes' rule for attempted landings: If at first you don't succeed then try again, but after three goes, that's it.

Once crew have tried and failed to land three times, they are forced to divert to another airport. In the case of one British Airways flight, it had to go all the way to Geneva in Switzerland after it couldn't get its wheels down, with the drama of all of its attempts covered and commentated in a way that had more than just your usual plane enthusiasts tuning in and getting out the popcorn.

Newshub recently featured another video filmed by Big Jet TV that captured a British Airways aircraft suffering a tail strike during landing, also at Heathrow, which is just up the road from Dyer's home.

Dyer's Big Jet TV YouTube channel was trending on social media, reaching number two on Twitter in the UK, with one of his trademark phrases as planes hit the ground - "bosh" - at number three.

As a Qatar Airways A380 made two balked landings and came in for a third and final time - which was successful - more than 230,000 people were watching it happen live on Big Jet TV. Separately, over 53,000 people were tracking the plane's route on Flight Radar 24 as it circled the UK capital while attempting to land.

"It's a fantastic thing to watch," Dyer told CNN.

"It's the battle, isn't it? It's the forces of nature against an alloy tub with wings on it that we built and we have to control it down onto the ground in Mother Nature's winds.

His livestream became mainstream as the hours went on. Chelsea Football Club shared a link to his channel, as did Netflix. UK TV channel Dave went a bit further offering him his own television show.

At least 15 aircraft aborted their landings while Big Jet TV was broadcasting live, but those that did manage to touch down would be celebrated with Dyer's "fair play" comment.

On a day like that one, you could take that as a badge of honour.

Footage kindly supplied by Big Jet TV.