Travel industry says Kiwis going crazy for international travel after isolation requirements dropped

The travel industry says Kiwis are going crazy for international travel.

The Government requirement for any form of isolation on return was dropped last week and bookings to travel overseas are soaring.

The wheels are in motion for travel abroad. Destination? Anywhere but New Zealand.

"We've seen the spike since international travel requirements were dropped that we were always hoping for," says David Coombes, from Flight Centre.

"The UK and Europe are very very popular," adds Brent Thomas, from House of Travel.

Australia and Pacific Islands also have rooms filling up, with Kiwis relieved to be flying again.

"Just in the last week we're seeing a significant number of people booking to Fiji where it's up 162 percent over the week before," Thomas says.

Air New Zealand says 80 percent of their sales are now return bookings, and Flight Centre says bookings are up 30 percent just from last week.

And compared to last year, Coombes says enquiries up 200 percent and bookings up 300 percent.

Travelling has become slightly more complicated. Insurance is essential and the Insurance Council says sales are also increasing.

You also need to check you are meeting the travel requirements of the airlines you are flying and the countries you are transiting through and travelling to. And there is no consistency between all the airlines and all the countries.

Prices are slightly higher at the moment with fuel cost and a lack of inbound travellers.

"That's when the airlines will be able to put more capacity on and that's when the airlines feel supply and demand pressure on pricing," Coombes says.

But the higher cost certainly hasn't stopped some people 'checking in', to check out.