Why the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for your winter getaway

Why the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for your winter getaway
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The temperature is getting colder in Aotearoa just as more and more Kiwis are planning their first overseas holidays in a couple of years. But where is the best destination to escape to from New Zealand's winter? Well, there are very good reasons it could just be the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland. 

As a beloved holiday hotspot for New Zealanders for decades, it's renowned for the thrilling theme parks, amazing beaches and pumping nightlife; but there's a lot more to it than that - especially now.

Over the past two years as the borders were mostly closed, the Gold Coast has undergone an AU$1 billion transformation and added a broad range of brilliant new experiences designed to make it Australia's ultimate holiday playground.

"We've got lots of really exciting new tourist attractions like Hydrofoil Tours, a really unique tour you do hovering above the water," said Destination Gold Coast.

"But another aspect that's absolutely thrived over the last couple of years is dining. One benefit of the COVID-19 lockdowns is a lot of people have moved here from the other big cities, which has given us this fantastic new cultural dining scene. Sydney and Melbourne are quite famous for that, but we've now got it on the Gold Coast, too."

Gold Coast Airport is reporting plenty of full flights to and from Auckland since the route recommenced in March. Air New Zealand and Jetstar both service the Gold Coast 3 times per week, and Jetstar will resume its direct 3 per week services from Wellington and Queenstown on 1 June, and Christchurch to follow on 25 June.

Why the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for your winter getaway
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As borders reopen and Kiwis think about international holidays this year, Sydney, Fiji and Rarotonga have been popular searches on booking websites - but the Gold Coast has benefits over those destinations.

"The Gold Coast has  something to suit all tastes and budgets all in one area. Sydney is a great city, Fiji and Rarotonga are both lovely tropical locations. But the Gold Coast has the best of both worlds," said Destination Gold Coast.

"We have a beautiful city by the sea, our beachside is an almost tropical holiday destination with a balmy climate, but then there's the stunning city skyline, too. And then we've also got our beautiful, lush hinterland and World Heritage Listed rainforest as well, only 30 minutes' drive away.

"We've got everything in one location that's very accessible and only a three hour flight from New Zealand." 

The warm weather is always appealing to Kiwi travellers, especially when it starts to get oppressively cold on the Shaky Isles. The Gold Coast gets over 300 days of sunshine every year, so great weather is almost guaranteed when you book a holiday there.

And then there's all the friends and family to visit, too. Around one percent of all New Zealanders (50,000) call the Gold Coast home and seeing as we all know each other, that almost guarantees a cuzzy's couch to sleep on when you're over there.

Why the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for your winter getaway
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"A lot of Kiwis are very familiar with the Gold Coast - they feel comfortable travelling here, they're happy to return. But then every time you come back, you're always surprised with the range of new experiences that we've got on offer."

To give Kiwis better insight into the exciting new attractions on offer, the Gold Coast is hosting The Project NZ this week. A segment will be broadcast each night showcasing the breadth and depth of what the Gold Coast offers Kiwi holidaymakers.

Destination Gold Coast CEO Patricia O'Callaghan said viewers will get a glimpse of what the city has achieved in building over the past two years. 

"The Gold Coast's $1 billion transformation in new products and experiences over the past two years alone has laid the platform for us to market the city in new and exciting ways," said O'Callaghan.

"As a city, we are coming back online with more to offer visitors than ever before. 

From the oceanside pool deck of Cali Beach to glamping in the surrounds of lush rainforest at Cedar Creek Lodges and let's not forget thrill-seeking attractions at our theme parks including Wet'n'Wild's H2Oasis splash precinct and the Southern Hemisphere's first triple launch system on Dreamworld's Steel Taipan.

Why the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for your winter getaway
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"As well as highlighting the breadth of new experiences on offer, we will broadcast the unbeatable sunshine and seamless connection direct to our doorstop to reinforce travel confidence."

Viewers will also have the chance each night to win a Gold Coast holiday jam packed with attractions and accommodation prizes featured during the episodes, as well as Jetstar airfares.

Tune in to The Project NZ for your chance to win and for travel inspiration, visit Destination Gold Coast's website.

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