Passengers who escaped burning plane face criticism for taking luggage with them during emergency

  • 28/06/2022
The plane crash-landed in Miami after its front landing gear failed.
The plane crash-landed in Miami after its front landing gear failed. Photo credit: Twitter @JanineStanwood

Passengers who escaped a horrifying plane fire last Wednesday are facing criticism online for a selfish act that could have endangered other people's lives. 

A Red Air service flew from the Dominican Republic and crash-landed in the Miami International Airport after the failure of the plane's front landing gear.

Footage captured by frightened passengers has caught the eye of travel experts after many of those escaping took their luggage with them while dashing from the burning plane.

"Can we have a frank discussion about travellers taking luggage with them during an emergency evacuation?" aviation journalist Edward Russell tweeted. 

In other videos shared online from inside the cabin, suitcases can be seen clogging the aisle, and loose pieces of clothing were seen around the ankles of passengers as they left the emergency exit.

Video filmed by one passenger shows the man throwing his suitcase in front of him before sliding down the emergency slide.

Once the man was on the airport tarmac many passengers are seen walking from the burning plane with luggage, suitcases and smartphones in hand. 

The footage shows large plumes of thick black smoke billowing out from the rear end of the plane while fire crews douse it with water. 

There were three reported injuries among passengers escaping the fire.