Video: US man airdrops photo of his penis to entire flight, then gets exposed by TikTokker

A woman has captured the moment a man who allegedly air-dropped a photo of his penis to an entire flight is confronted by a flight attendant over his shameful act.

The woman who goes by the TikTok name 'DaddyStrange' posted the video of the man being told off with the caption: "I saw his iPad had airdrop open, so I knew it was him and, yes, I sure did make a scene."

The man sent the sexually explicit photo on a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Detroit.

In the TikTok, the flight attendant goes up to the man and asks him: "Why are you doing that?"

"Just having a little fun," the man replied emotionlessly.

The TikTok user who is filming the exchange then yells out, "It’s sexual harassment … disgusting."

The New York Post said a Southwest Airlines spokesperson told them: "Our flight attendants immediately addressed the situation and the crew requested local law enforcement officers meet the flight upon arrival, which they did and subsequently apprehended the individual responsible."

The TikTok video has more than eight million views, with some convinced the man has some sort of humiliation kink because he enjoyed being caught.

One user commented: "The way he admitted it, he wanted to be caught. He more than likely gets off on humiliation."

Another user commented: "He did this on purpose."

The TikTok user posted a follow-up video, which said: "A few of us had to meet with an FBI agent who told us Larry was arrested and will be spending the weekend in whatever airport jail looks like."