Tips for international travellers to help with the cascade of cancelled flights

Overseas travel is back, but a cascade of cancelled flights, missed connections, and lost luggage has taken the shine off for many.

Flight Centre head of product Victoria Courtney told Morning Report there were more challenges to travel now than pre-pandemic.

She said a lot of flights were being cancelled, particularly in Europe, and lost luggage had become more common.

"Probably some of the worst experiences ... frequently, we're hearing about passengers that are losing their luggage for sort of three days. It's not terrible, but just be prepared for that, make sure you've got a little bit in your hand luggage if you can."

Also, travellers who missed their connecting flights could end up waiting days till they could get on another flight to carry on their journey, she said.

"That is quite challenging for passengers because that often is at their own cost, the cost of staying in accommodation wherever they are stranded.

"The biggest thing I would say is that time is your friend when you're travelling now.

"We're really, strongly encouraging our customers to ensure they don't have tight connection times when they're travelling, particularly through Europe and through the US."

She said in the US, four hours was the minimum connecting time travellers should aim for.

"If you've only got three hours, that is very tight and you are going to be very rushed and there's a really good chance that you'll miss that connection."

She said international travel should start getting better by the end of 2022 as airlines and airports brought on more staff.