Qantas labels Auckland as NZ's capital city during new flight announcement

The airline has since corrected the error.
The airline has since corrected the error. Photo credit: Getty Images

Wellingtonians could be forgiven for getting excited following the announcement from Qantas today about non-stop flights to New York.

The new service will fly from Sydney to the Big Apple, with a stop-off in New Zealand on the way.

In a press release from the airline, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the new service would give Australians "the option to spend some time in the capital city before heading onwards to New York".

However, the flight stops in Auckland, not Wellington.

A Qantas spokesperson said there had been an error in the release sent to the media, and a corrected version - which didn't identify Auckland as New Zealand's capital city - was being sent in its place.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 25: Qantas Group Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce speaks during a press conference on August 25, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. Qantas Group Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce was joined by Chief Financial Officer Vanessa Hudson during the Qantas Group full-year results announcement. Qantas has posted a loss of $1.86 billion for the 2022 financial year. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)
Photo credit: Newshub

The incorrect announcement may have caused alarm for people near Wellington Airport, as its runway would need to be extended by hundreds of meters in order to accommodate an aircraft of that size with enough fuel to get to New York.

Qantas has spent the past few years working on what it calls 'Project Sunrise', a plan to operate non-stop flights from Sydney to New York, however for now it appears the airline will operate the route via Auckland for a quick squirt of fuel, before the 18-hour flight to the Big Apple.

Australians could still take advantage of the new flight to check out Aotearoa's capital city, but it's unlikely they’d be able to do much during the time their flight is being refuelled… Auckland.