Air NZ confident Botox, fillers, identical twins won't cause problems for facial recognition verification

  • 17/11/2022

Boarding passes will "soon be a thing of the past", Air New Zealand announced this week as it revealed the launch of biometric facial recognition verification at its boarding gates in the US.

But how will the scans of our face work when it comes to the likes of Botox, fillers and cosmetic procedures? And what about identical twins?

Air NZ's chief digital officer Nikhil Ravishankar told AM he is confident the technology is advanced enough to handle those issues.

"The technology includes retina scanning in combination with things like 3D mapping of your face, and it is evolving quite rapidly," said Ravishankar.

"The match isn't just about matching your face with a photo. It's also matching your details - are you allowed to be on that flight? Are you registered to be checked in? There are lots of checks and balances besides just the facial match itself.

"These technologies are reaching a level of maturity where they are consistently outperforming humans."

Watch Ravishankar's full AM interview above.