Disrespectful tourist faces crowd's wrath after climbing, dancing on sacred El Castillo in Mexico

  • 23/11/2022
A Spanish tourist faced the wrath of an angry crowd after shamefully climbing and dancing on a sacred pyramid in Mexico.
Photo credit: TikTok / Twitter

Videos have captured the moment a tourist in Mexico was pelted with water and yelled at by an angry group after she illegally climbed a sacred pyramid and danced near its top.

The commotion took place at El Castillo (The Castle), also known as the Kukulcan Pyramid, a 30m high Mayan structure in Chichén Itzá built sometime between the 8th and 12th centuries AD.

In clips shared on social media, after her antics on the sacred site, the woman is escorted through the enraged group with some appearing to grab at her while various jeers are yelled and multiple people throw water at her.

The crowd reportedly yells that she should be imprisoned or "sacrificed" for her trespassing, with some using the Spanish words for "idiot" and "asshole" to condemn her.

Although a statement from Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History INAH noted the monument was not damaged, anyone caught climbing it can face a fine of several thousand dollars.

Riviera Maya News reported the woman is Spanish and was fined an unknown amount after being arrested by Tinum Municipal Police.

"This is so disrespectful... don't mess with my Mexican people," user Angela Lopeze posted on TikTok with a video of the incident.

While most online commentary has condemned the tourist's actions, some are sympathetic.

"They still have no right to touch her," one comment said.

"Maybe the signs weren't clear but either way the crowd reaction is terrible. Poor woman must have been terrified," tweeted one man who apparently hasn't visited the site himself.

One of the replies said: "She climbed a 100cm tall barrier and there are at least three instances when you visit the site where gigantic 'no climbing' signs are visible. Two of them in the ticket booths. They remind you plenty of times."

Other comments commend the locals for taking action.

"Good, I'm glad this was the outcome cause people really are disrespectful," one person commented.

"Few things more embarrassing than entitled tourists," said another.