Video exposes how frugal traveller sneaks extra bag onto plane for free

  • 15/11/2022
TikTok video exposes how frugal traveller sneaks extra bag onto Spirit Airlines flight for free.
Photo credit: TikTok / elyukaa

A popular online video appears to show how a frugal traveller has gotten away with taking an extra carry-on bag onto a flight without paying for it.

The TikTok clip shows a man with what looks like a backpack on under his jacket as he is boarding a Spirit Airlines flight.

The sneaky man, who is carrying a briefcase, is not stopped at the boarding gate and walks past airline staff toward the plane.

"When you don't want to pay for that extra bag," TikTok user @elyukaa captioned the video, along with a laughing emoji.

The post has racked up 57,000 views and thousands of likes in just a few days, with commenters expressing amusement at the man's actions.

"Man that was clever even I didn't see it," said one.

"He is a master of his craft," added another.

The comments have been made at a time when plane tickets cost more than they previously have due to a range of reasons including staff shortages, high fuel prices, inflation rates and demand outstripping supply as the industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, while sneaking extra baggage onto a flight might feel satisfying and save you a little cash, it could have negative and even dangerous consequences.

Commercial airliners have baggage allowances as they need to carefully calculate the weight of their onboard load to work out how much fuel is needed for the flight. If the calculation is incorrect there might not be the right amount of fuel on the plane, which could be dangerous. 

Air New Zealand recently opted to leave the luggage belonging to 40-50 customers in New York when it discovered the aircraft flying to Auckland was overweight.