Self-described 'very good looking' man confused when flight attendant doesn't greet him

  • 09/03/2023
A man has made headlines with a Reddit post questioning why cabin crew on flights don't always greet him.
Photo credit: Getty Images (file)

A man has made headlines with a Reddit post questioning why cabin crew on flights don't always greet him.

He claims to be a "very good looking guy" who gets "approached by random girls on the street" due to his attractive appearance and appears to be miffed that some flight attendants "ignore" him.

His Reddit post has quickly racked up dozens of comments, many of which appear to have been made by cabin crew members defending their colleagues.

On the 'flightattendants' subreddit, ContributionSafe3402's post is entitled "What could be the reason for you to not greet a passenger".

"Sometimes the flight attendants flat out ignore me, they would be greeting the passenger just before me but when it’s my turn I get ignored," he said. 

"I am an objectively very good looking guy. I get approached by random girls on the street or work, so this is very confusing to me. This does not always happen but still it happens sometimes."

Most comments under the post appear to be genuinely trying to help with explanations on why he may not have received a greeting, but some express displeasure with the poster's attitude.

"They are busy and you are conceited. You don’t deserve attention just for existing and because you think that you are handsome," said one.

Another added: "We're not looking for handsome passengers, we're looking for passengers who could be ill or able bodied passengers in the case of emergency. I definitely try to say 'hi' to everyone but it can be hard when 70 percent of people don't even acknowledge your existence."

In replies to the commenters, ContributionSafe3402 said he is "not a native English speaker" with "autistic traits", which may be why "everyone seems to have mistaken my intentions".

"I truly feel that if it’s only me who gets ignored then it’s a problem with me only and I just wanted to figure out what that problem is," he said.

Many commenters assured ContributionSafe3402 he wasn't being singled out, explaining how difficult it is to greet every single passenger.

"We are supposed to greet everyone, but it gets tiring saying hello to 300 people each flight and then get over the fact that most of them ignored us anyway," said one commenter.

"I may say hello once every few people, but my voice will definitely be shot if I say hello to each and every single person and then have to make announcements and then ask each of those people what they want to eat or drink. It's just a lot of talking. Don't take it personally."

Another added: "It is extremely challenging to try to individually greet 175 people individually. You can only say 'hello, welcome aboard' in a super cheerful voice so many times before you start to feel like a deranged parrot!"

The Reddit post comes after a flight attendant recently shared many air travel secrets, including advice on how to get a free upgrade and if cabin crew members can accept gifts from passengers.