'Show us your Regina': Canadian tourism agency apologises, withdraws racy campaign

A tourism agency in Canada being forced to apologise after accusations of overly sexualising a city's name had the hosts of AM in stitches on Wednesday.

The city of Regina is promoted by the Experience Regina organisation, which last week launched slogans that poked fun at the city's name including 'Show us your Regina' and 'the city that rhymes with fun'.

The slogans were pulled after an onslaught of complaints lamented them being immature and belittling to women, with the campaign labelled "pathetic and disgusting" by several on Twitter.

City Councillor Cheryl Stadnichuk posted on Facebook stating she was "disappointed and appalled" with the "sexist messaging of the new Experience Regina".

"Do we want men harassing women in bars chanting 'show us your Regina?' There are so many serious ramifications of these slogans... as a society, we have a responsibility to teach boys and men about consent. These slogans do the opposite."

But some people see the slogans as harmless - and hilarious.

"'Show us your Regina' does have a ring to it," said AM's Ryan Bridge as the hosts discussed the failed campaign.

"I'm not offended by it," said co-host Melissa Chan-Green. "I don't have a problem with that word. It's just a piece of a woman's anatomy.

"I think that actually, it's got us talking about the city, right? Which is probably what they want. They probably want people to go there and take pictures with the signs, so I think it's kind of clever."

But Bridge pointed out: "You don't live there though. If you lived there and you heard it all the time, maybe you would get sick of the joke. And if you're a bit of a prude…"

The hosts then threw to a weather report, with Chan-Green exclaiming: "Show us ya weather!"

She and Bridge then couldn't hold back their laughter as they joked about what it might be like doing a weather report from Regina.

"I bet there's a lot of rain… it's warm and muggy in Regina today!" laughed Bridge. 

Tim Reid, CEO of Experience Regina, published an apology on Sunday (local time), days after unveiling the new brand on Thursday.

"It was clear that we fell short of what is expected from our amazing community," he said, noting the slogans "just went too far".

"The city didn't appreciate it and our community didn't appreciate it and we just were wrong," Reid said.

Despite his apology, there are still reportedly calls for his resignation over the campaign.