Cathay Pacific offers 460 'free' NZ-Hong Kong return airfares, only taxes and surcharges payable

'Hello Hong Kong' campaign: 460 return airfares from New Zealand on offer for 'free', with just taxes and surcharges payable.
Photo credit: Getty Images

There are 460 return airfares to Hong Kong currently being offered to New Zealanders on Cathay Pacific that have their base fare removed, meaning customers only have to pay the taxes and surcharges.

An example airfare provided by the airline shows the total payable sum would be $566, with $2032 wiped off the bill.

Overall, 500,000 of the airfares are being dished out internationally as part of a campaign aiming to encourage more tourists back to the Chinese territory following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions

The tickets will be available for purchase from 6pm on Monday, May 29 through to 11:59pm on Sunday, June 4.

Prospective customers must be a Cathay member - sign-up is free.

"Members must visit Cathay Pacific's campaign website and sign in using their Cathay membership details to access the discounted tickets," the airline said.

Travel dates range from May 29 through to the end of February of next year, with a minimum stay of two days and a maximum of one month.

The 'Hello Hong Kong' promotional campaign is being put on by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and is sponsored by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK). It aims to "send the positive message that Hong Kong is back with signature and new exciting experiences awaiting visitors".

Beyond discounted airfares, the campaign also has offers from over 16,000 outlets across the city with "at least 1 million 'Hong Kong Goodies' visitor consumption vouchers" for things like drinks, food, transport, attractions and retail discounts.

"Hong Kong is extending its warmest welcome and ready for visitors from New Zealand to explore this vibrant city once again," said Karen Macmillan, HKTB director - Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific.

"With a diverse culture, unique attractions, exciting nightlife and delicious cuisines, there's something for every traveller. A variety of offers are also available through the launch of HKTB's global integrated campaign - Hello Hong Kong - to make the holiday experience unforgettable for overseas visitors."