Qantas chief executive says airline has no policy on obese travellers, up to 'passenger to define'

  • 14/06/2023

Australian airline carrier Qantas's chief executive says it does not have a set policy on obese passengers.

Speaking with AM on Wednesday, Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said the airline leaves it up to the passenger to decide what their comfort needs are. 

"Usually I've been on flights where obese passengers have brought two seats or business class on Qantas for the comfort of people as well as themselves."

Joyce said the airline has no issue with two seats being brought and it's left up to the "passenger to define it".

It comes as plus-size travel influence Jae'lynn Chaney launched a petition urging the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to force all airlines to create a comprehensive customer-of-size policy that "prioritises the comfort and well-being of all passengers".

CNN reports policies around plus-size travellers vary from airline to airline, with several  US airlines requiring "customers who require extra seating" buy an additional seat in advance. It's reported some refund the purchase if one or more seats are available after take-off. 

Chaney believes policies across airlines need to be "a little more standardised".

"At the bare minimum, we need every airline to have a policy that tells people of size how to navigate their airline."

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