Meet the ultimate New Zealand fan, UK YouTuber 'Curls'

Is this British bloke New Zealand's biggest fan?

UK YouTuber 'Curls' has been travelling to Aotearoa for three years - and it's all out of his adoration for the country.

He isn't just about New Zealand's tourist hotspots, either. When it comes to the country, there isn't a nook or cranny Curls - who boasts nearly 13,000 subscribers on YouTube - doesn't like.

"I'm in a place which every New Zealander seems to dislike - Palmerston North," he says in one YouTube video.

But is he for real? Or is it all satire?

"I mean, look, I love it here - what can I say? Credit where credit's due, it's an outstanding country - maybe not perfect but, look, I want to shine some positives on the place," he told The Project.

"Tourism countries do this company a disservice because the culture is so incredibly strong. Obviously, I've spent most of my time in the North Island but I've got around a bit of the South as well - honestly, as I've said time and time again, my favourite thing about this country - and I mean this - it is the people."

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