New trans-Tasman bubble? New Zealand, Australia could replace passports with digital technology

The leaders of Australia and New Zealand are hoping to make our relationship even closer by possibly ditching passports when travelling across the ditch.

Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is due to meet with New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins in Wellington on Wednesday. Newshub understands the pair will discuss the idea to remove the paper formalities at the border and replace them with technology such as facial recognition.

It would be a complicated and logistical task with the need to protect safety and biosecurity.

The idea was first raised by Australia's Tourism and Transport Forum.

Margy Osmond has called on the "trans-Tasman twins" to trial new entry and screening technology - including digital arrival cards and facial recognition.

"I think there's a need for real simplicity on the trans-Tasman route," she said.

"What we're talking about is making the process of travel as seamless and simple as possible. We're calling for a group, business and government, in the next month and then to sort it out by the end of the year."

Australia is New Zealand's most popular destination and makes up a large chunk of our country's tourism.

Australian Travel co-founder Quentin Long said while "it's logistically very difficult to execute... it is possible and it would be great for tourism. But it does require a lot of work".