Australian mum's warning to travellers after son horrifically injured in Bali scooter accident

Billy is in hospital in Bali after the accident.
Billy is in hospital in Bali after the accident. Photo credit: GoFundMe

An Australian mum has issued a warning to travellers after her son was horrifically injured in a scooter accident in Bali.

Billy, 46, was enjoying his two-month-long holiday when the accident happened on Tuesday. He was taken to a private hospital in Kuta on the southern end of the island with internal injuries and bleeding in the brain, 7News reported.

He also has 10 broken ribs, bruised and damaged lungs, a broken foot, broken collarbone, and eye socket damage.

His mother, Sue Doger, said he's in severe pain but doctors won't operate on him unless they get an upfront payment of at least A$65,000 (NZ$70,369). The family has already paid A$18,000 (NZ$19,486) for initial scans and a procedure to remove fluid from Billy's lungs, but he still has bleeding on the brain and multiple internal injuries.

The total cost for his medical treatment is expected to be at least A$125,000 (NZ$135,325).

"We don't have the money to fund his operations," Sue told 7News. "The hospital wants it right now."

Billy hadn't taken out travel insurance because he believed the policy included with his credit card covered him.

Sue is now warning other travellers to check their insurance cover before they go on holiday and make sure they've got some money set aside if something does happen.

"Regardless of your insurance, be prepared to have financial money aside."

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for the cost of surgery. They've so far raised A$48,405 (NZ$52,403).