Aotearoa ranks as eighth best country - but it isn't because we're sexy

  • 13/09/2023
Here's how sexy we are, a warning though - it hurts.
Here's how sexy we are, a warning though - it hurts. Photo credit: Image - Getty Images

A US media outlet has ranked Aotearoa in the top 10 best countries for our friendliness and scenic sites, but it appears we're not very sexy.   

US News has ranked the top 10 best countries across the world for 2023 and New Zealand has just made the list at number eight.   

Switzerland is number one, followed by Canada at two. The Netherlands just got ranked number 10, the UK number nine and Aotearoa at number eight.  

According to the outlet, Aotearoa has many great attributes. New Zealand was ranked seventh overall for adventure, fourth for agility and sixth for social purpose.   

US News' overall score for Aoteaora is 92.6.  

Under the category 'adventure', Aotearoa ranks well again. Out of 100, New Zealand was ranked 97.9 for being friendly, 74.2 for fun, 94.2 for good for tourism, 87.3 for pleasant climate and 100 for scenic. 

But the outlet didn't save the best until the end. For 'sexy', Aotearoa rated a brutal 7.0.  

There are many categories the outlet rated countries for and another New Zealand scored well in is quality of life (80). 

The outlet scored New Zealand 80.5 out of 100 for a good job market, 79.6 for economically stable, 98.7 for family-friendly and 86.2 for politically stable. Though for being affordable, New Zealand scored very low again - 6.2. 

Here's how other countries ranked overall:  

  1.  Switzerland 
  2. Canada 
  3. Sweden  
  4. Australia 
  5. US 
  6. Japan 
  7. Germany 
  8. New Zealand 
  9. UK 
  10. Netherlands.