Etiquette trainer reveals what we can and can't take from a hotel room

Stock image of hotel bed
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A British etiquette coach has revealed what's considered theft - and what isn't - when you next drop a couple of hotel "freebies" in your suitcase.

While hotels acknowledge they will lose a certain number of items every year, William Hanson of The English Manner website says there's a fine line that guests shouldn't cross.

He warns that sizable items like ceramic mugs, saucers and glasses are off-limits as well as linens like pillows, sheets and duvet covers.

However, smaller items such as toiletries are fine to take, he said.

"Basically, anything small like the dental kit, the shaving kit, any miniatures of shampoo or body wash, that's absolutely fine," he said on TikTok.

One item people overlooked but are generally free to take are hotel slippers: according to Hanson these are fine to take home, as they'll often have a tag with a line like, “Love me, use me, take me home.”

Viewers chimed in with their own ideas, with one saying: "Anything that they would have to replace for the next guest anyway, that's my rule. Did I drink all this tea? No, but I could have."

Some took a different approach, with one saying: "I take anything I can fit in the [suit]case tbh. I feel like I have already paid for it."

Others pointed out many hotels take note of each item missing after guests have checked out - and simply add it to their final bill.

The English Manner is an online website that teaches courses in etiquette.