Man sparks fury after cooking shrimp in plane bathroom sink mid-flight

  • 09/12/2023
"This is... TOO FAR."
"This is... TOO FAR." Photo credit: Barfly/TikTok

A domestic flight in the US is the subject of an investigation after revelations a man used a bathroom sink to whip himself up a meal. 

The man could be seen entering the bathroom of Delta Airlines flight with a bag of shrimp, instant mashed potato and batteries in a video posted on his TikTok. 

After entering the bathroom, the man, known as Barfly on TikTok, fills up the sink with water and sets up the batteries. 

Barfly is then seen throwing the prawns, instant mashed potato and garlic butter into the water. 

In the video caption, he said by using two 6-volt batteries "wired in series to an immersion beverage heater, one is able to get water scalding hot quickly". 

"Raw shrimp will only need a few minutes," Barfly said. 

"Adding instant mash to the shrimp water adds some extra flavour. 

"Garlic butter makes everything go better." 

Viewers were shocked and outraged by the passenger's behaviour, while also questioning how he got the batteries past security.

"This is actually TOO FAR," one TikTok user said. 

"You need to be banned, that is incredibly disgusting," another wrote. 

According to the US Transportation Security Administration, passengers who wish to take batteries or powerbanks on aircraft must have them in their carry-on baggage.

"With airline approval, passengers may also carry up to two spare larger lithium ion batteries or lithium metal batteries," its website says.

Delta confirmed to the Daily Mail an investigation was underway: "Delta teams are aware of the video and are further looking into it."