New survey reveals New Zealand is Australia's most popular international destination, overtaking Bali

  • 17/12/2023

New Zealand could be about to see an influx of Australian tourists this summer, with Aotearoa overtaking Bali as the top international holiday destination for Australian travellers, according to a new survey.  

The survey, released by the Tourism and Transport Forum Australia this week, found 75 percent of Australians were planning to travel for a holiday this summer, with 14 percent of those intending to go overseas - up 6.5 percent from last year.   

New Zealand was the most popular destination, gaining 17 percent of the vote, just edging out Europe, which gained 16 percent. Japan rounded out the top three with 10 percent.   

Thailand came in fourth with 6 percent, Singapore fifth with 5.5 percent and Malaysia sixth with 5 percent.   

Despite thousands of Australians regularly venturing to Indonesia, particularly Bali, the survey found it was only the seventh-most popular international destination among the 2000 participants. 

Indonesia tied with USA, Canada, China and Vietnam which all came seventh on four percent.  

The survey, which was conducted between December 5-11 on Australians older than 18 years of age also found the most common travel time was from New Year's Day to January 15, 2024 with 20 percent of respondents saying that is when they would travel.   

This was closely followed by Sunday, December 17 to Christmas Eve and from February 1 onwards with both dates receiving 18 percent of the vote each.   

Despite Australia being in the midst of a cost of living crisis, TTF Australia chief executive Margy Osmond applauded Australians for saving for a well-earned holiday.   

However, the data did show more than half of respondents said the rise in the cost of living has impacted their holiday plans.   

"Australians ranked travel and holidays as their number one priority when it comes to non-essential spending, showing just how important it is to enjoy a getaway with friends or family," Osmond said.