Vietnam's new bridge is for kissing, not for crossing

A new selfie hotspot called “Kiss Bridge,” where couples can share a romantic moment against the Vietnamese sunset, was unveiled last week.
Photo credit: Courtesy Sun Group/Facebook

By Veronica Lin of CNN

A new selfie hotspot called 'Kiss Bridge', where couples can share a romantic moment against the Vietnamese sunset, was unveiled last week.

The result of a collaboration of Italian architect Marco Casamonti and luxury tourism developer Sun Group, the bridge is located in Vietnam's southern Phu Quoc Island, famous for its beautiful beaches.

The bridge spans a length of over 800m and consists of two separate halves.

The design was inspired by the classic Michelangelo fresco painting The Creation of Adam at the Sistine Chapel - just like the pointing fingers in the painting, the two halves of the bridge don't quite touch.

Instead, the north and south sections are separated by a mere 30cm. That means that erstwhile kissers will need to perch one on each side, then lean in dramatically for the big smooch.

The distance between the bridge has been calculated so precisely that on January 1st of every year, the sun will fall directly in the gap between the two halves, according to the Sun Group.

The bridge's Vietnamese name, "Cau Hon", also means "proposing marriage", for any visitors hoping to pop the question.

The bridge is located in Phu Quoc Island's Sunset Town, in Vietnam's southern province of Kien Giang, a 40-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City.

Phu Quoc is often regarded as Vietnam's best island getaway and is favoured by honeymooners.

The Sun Group has helmed various similar projects, including the 'Golden Bridge' near Da Nang, where two giant hands lift up a shimmering structure. Set more than 1400m above sea level, the bridge extends 150m long.

Phu Quoc has invested heavily in tourism infrastructure. Upscale hotel brands like Regent, InterContinental, and JW Marriott have a presence on the island.

Now, there's one more tourist attraction on the island for all those visitors to experience.