Watch: Kiwi man wrestles agitated Qantas passenger to floor after mid-flight incident

  • 31/12/2023

A Kiwi on a flight from Indonesia to Australia has helped wrestle a passenger to the floor after he allegedly became violent mid-flight.

It happened on a Qantas route between Bali and Melbourne, which arrived early Sunday local time.

A New Zealander was one of the passengers who stepped in to grab the man and pin him to the floor of the plane's aisle.

Witnesses told Australian media the man had been screaming and agitated and attacked others, including cabin crew on board the flight.

"He attacked two or three of the other passengers and other passengers overpowered him," a passenger on the flight told 9News.

"Everybody was resting and all of a sudden this guy just jumped up and he started screaming and everybody was panicking."

The man was arrested by airport police upon arrival.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said a 28-year-old male passenger was questioned and then taken to be medically assessed.

"The AFP will continue to investigate the incident," its statement read.

"No charges have been laid at this stage."