Gross feature at Rotorua Pullman hotel shocks tourist

  • 16/01/2024

A tourist visiting New Zealand was baffled to find a strange and rather gross feature in their room.

Nestled in the corner, not far from the bed, was a transparent bathroom cubicle.

To make privacy matters worse, the tourist, who was staying at the Pullman Rotorua, said the bathroom door doesn't reach the ceiling, meaning smells and sounds are more pronounced to others in the room.

Posting on social media, they asked whether it is standard for Kiwi hotels to have toilets "basically in the same room".

"Is this a cultural thing? It's my first time visiting and I'm really confused at this architectural choice," they asked.

The overwhelming response from Kiwis on the thread was this was not normal with many sharing their disgust at the design.

Nestled in the corner was a transparent bathroom cubicle.
Nestled in the corner was a transparent bathroom cubicle. Photo credit: Reddit/Proudclad

The tourist wasn't alone, as several people who stayed at the Pullman Rotorua hotel have left Google reviews expressing their similar shock and disgust at the design of the bathroom.

"Toilets are literally in your room at this hotel. Some strange person who signed off on the design of this hotel likes to hear/watch people go to the bathroom," one person wrote.

"Extremely shocked to see that the bathroom/toilet has no privacy! It's glass and can clearly see the person on the toilet! To make matters worse the glass door is cut off part way! Absolutely shocked by this. If you book beware whoever you're with will see, hear and smell everything," another wrote.

"The toilet is in the same room as the bed and not far from the pillow. Pretty horrible as the sound echos and rebounds around the entire room. You will get to know your partner really well. Not a good design!" Wrote a third.

A spokesperson from Accor, which manages the hotel, said Pullman Rotorua is working on "additional privacy solutions" that will be completed by the end of March.

"There are some rooms that will require a different solution and the hotel is working with design and construction team on this," the spokesperson said.