Jetstar's new uniforms: Reactions range from 'very snazzy' to 'look like bus seats'

Jetstar's new uniforms: Reactions range from 'very snazzy' to 'look like bus seats'.
The new range is said to be inspired by a sunset as seen through a plane window. Photo credit: Jetstar

Jetstar has unveiled a new set of staff uniforms to mark 20 years of operation and is getting mixed reactions online.

The budget Australian airline is toning down the brightness of its orange blazers and replacing the black skirts and pants with dark blue options.

There will also be a broader range of clothing options for staff.

"The new palette includes a softer orange complemented by blue; a colour combination which was inspired by the sunset as seen through an aircraft window," the airline said in an announcement on its website.

"The cabin crew and airport uniforms offer a range of options to cater for individual style and preferences, including blazers in blue and orange, a shirt dress, tailored skirts, tapered fit trousers, polos and overcoats."

Jetstar announced the change to news media as well as social media, where opinions on the new designs have varied.

On the airline's Instagram, commenters have hailed the new look as "refreshing", "much better" and "very snazzy". However, one unfavourably compared the new uniforms to "bus seats", while another added: "whoever approved the stars needs to be sacked."

The uniforms were created by Australian designer Genevieve Smart and have been unveiled ahead of new uniforms also being designed for Air New Zealand by Emilia Wickstead.

"The evolution from black to a dynamic blue and orange palette reflects Jetstar's transformative journey over the past two decades, while the looks were intended to feel like pieces one might instinctively pack for a holiday, whether it's a linen jacket and cotton chinos, a shirt dress, or a smart polo," said Smart.

Jetstar said its current uniform will be sustainably disposed of in partnership with a company that turns textiles into raw materials which are in turn used to create new products. 

Genevieve Smart's Jetstar uniforms.
Genevieve Smart (centre) along with her designs. Photo credit: Jetstar