Airbnb introducing worldwide ban on cameras in rental properties

Airbnb is introducing a worldwide ban on security cameras being used inside rental properties. 

It follows numerous videos on social media of customers finding hidden cameras in their Airbnbs. 

Craig Shepherd, who runs a security surveillance business in Wellington, said it can be incredibly hard to spot a hidden camera. 

Current Airbnb rules allow for the use of security cameras in common areas such as living rooms and hallways, but only if it's clearly stated in the property's listing. 

"I think it's disgusting they were ever allowed to have them in anyway, and clearly there will be some owners that are simply wanting to look out for their property," Shepherd said.

That's why Airbnb has clarified its stance on the issue, announcing that from next month all indoor cameras will be banned, along with outdoor cameras that point inside the property. 

Netsafe Spokesperson Sean Lyons believed it was long overdue and said it was a really important move as it allows people to understand what they are getting themselves into when booking an Airbnb. 

But Shepherd warns people should still be cautious. He said there's no way of being able to spot all hidden cameras as they are becoming increasingly discreet. 

Airbnb said if you do find a camera in one of its properties report it immediately because failure to comply with the new ban could result in the property listing being removed from the app. 

The announcement comes just days after US comedy show Saturday Night Live aired a fake Airbnb commercial which included a joke about a camera being hidden in a toilet.