Kayak website allows people to block Boeing 737 Max flights - and many people are

Boeing has not had a good few years with headline after headline, scandal after scandal and documentary after documentary ensuring everyone is well aware of the aircraft manufacturer's multitude of scary problems.

This has led to a growing number of air travel passengers seeking to avoid flying on Boeing planes altogether, or at least hoping to never set foot on the dreaded 737-MAX models.

But how do you easily browse airfares and make sure you're excluding all Boeing aircraft?

You could use the aircraft model filter on Kayak, a travel search engine that allows users to compare prices on flights, hotels, rental cars and holiday packages.

This year, the website reported a notable jump in popularity for the filter following recent terrifying incidents involving Boeing aircraft. It said people filtering results for 737-MAX 9 aircraft increased 15-fold in January after a door plug fell off an Alaska Airlines flight shortly after takeoff.

That led to Kayak expanding the feature, adding the ability to filter specifically by the MAX 8 and MAX 9 models.

At the time of writing, Kayak's rivals Webjet, Skyscanner, Booking.com and Expedia don't offer the aircraft filter feature.

For New Zealand travellers, the filter may be less useful than it is for people in other countries with heavier air traffic. But on popular international routes to and from Aotearoa there is a wide variety of Airbus and Boeing aircraft to choose from.

As pointed out in a discussion on Reddit, however, even if you book an airfare on a specific aircraft type, the airline may swap that for a different aircraft on the day of your flight.

One commenter also noted it is "still safer to fly with the MAX than to drive to the airport", while others wanted even more robust filtering options, including one saying: "Now if only you could filter by interior layout."