Coke celebrates its bottles' 100th birthday

Coke celebrates its bottles' 100th birthday

This year one of the biggest brands in the world is gearing up to celebrate the 100th birthday of one of its icons.

The contoured Coke bottle has appeared in hundreds of movies and has become a pop culture icon.

The soft drink company is fizzing over the bottles' 100-year milestone.

This isn't the story of Coca Cola the drink; it's the story of one of the most successful brands of all time.

It's a brand that's remained almost unchanged since the day the company was formed.

The company's red colour came from the barrels it was transported in, so it wasn't confused for alcohol.

Its logo was designed by Coke's first accountant.

Since then, Coca-Cola has appeared in more than 400 films, its first appearance in 1930.

Ted Ryan is the director of Coca Cola heritage. It's his job to archive Coke's branding history.

He says advertisements produced in New Zealand and Australia has led the way in capturing the spirit of Coke.

"New Zealand and Australia, in terms of coke marketing, are really famous for being able to capture the feeling of summer, and those ads are produced locally," says Mr Ryan.

"To capture the fun that is summer, you would never see an ad like that in the USA."

The makers of hit TV show Mad Men recently declared the advertisement the best commercial ever made.

And yes it's true – Santa Claus does dress in Coca-Cola colours.

The company employed an artist from Sweden to paint Mr Claus in red and white. It's an image that stuck.

"We didn't invent Santa Claus; we just help standardised the image of Santa around the world," says Mr Ryan.

Coke's celebration of 100 years kicks off in New Zealand next week. And with just under 2 billion Coca-Cola produced products served around the world every day, it's a brand that's unlikely to go flat any time soon.

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