Further allegations of police brutality in Fiji

  • 23/07/2015

Police in Fiji are facing another round of complaints concerning allegations of brutality towards members of the public, Radio New Zealand reports.

The most recent complaints are coming from the island of Vanuabalavu, where the Fiji Sun has reported a 40-year-old father of three is in a serious condition after being allegedly beaten up by police officers over the weekend.

A group of officers are being flown out to Vanuabalavu in the Lau island group to investigate the incident.

The man is still unable to walk but he is slowly responding to treatment, RNZ reports.

Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald says his position on the issue has not changed.

"In general as you would recognise that since my arrival I said that I would not tolerate any police brutality and any cases of police brutality will be dealt with, with the full force of the law."

Photos of the alleged victim have reportedly been uploaded to Facebook.

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