Girl walks 2 days after plane crash

  • 15/07/2015
Girl walks 2 days after plane crash

A 16-year old girl who survived a plane crash in the United States walked for two days to find safety.

Autumn Veatch was on a small plane with her step grandparents when they crashed into mountains in bad weather in Washington state.

Ms Veatch described what happened in a call to 911, where she says she was the only survivor of the crash.

The 911 call didn't come until two days after the crash. Ms Veatch spent around 48 hours fighting her way through a wilderness so rugged and dense that searchers couldn't find the crash site.

When she finally reached a highway, a driver took her to a general store where she was able to contact emergency services.

Her father, David Veatch says watching TV may have saved Autumn's life and says they watch survival shows together.

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