HSBC workers post fake IS beheading video

  • 08/07/2015
Saf Ahmed in the middle of two HSBC colleagues (Photo: Supplied)
Saf Ahmed in the middle of two HSBC colleagues (Photo: Supplied)

Six UK bankers have been sacked after pretending to behead their Asian co-worker in a fake Islamic State (IS) execution video posted online, The Sun reports.

The HSBC workers can be seen yelling "Allahu Akbar", Arabic for "God is great", dressed in jumpsuits and balaclavas mimicking those worn by IS, raising a coathanger as a knife above the man's head.

Their colleague, named as Saf Ahmed, kneels down in an orange jumpsuit, waiting to be 'executed'.

It is understood the six men were out at a Teamworks Karting track in Birmingham, organised by HSBC.

The seven-second video was removed after being posted on Instagram, but not before it was seen by shocked co-workers.

HSBC sacked all those involved and apologised for any offence yesterday.

HSBC told The Sun it does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour, and as soon as the video was brought to the company's attention the individuals were sacked.

It comes after British aid workers Alan Henning and David Haines were both seen being beheaded while wearing orange jumpsuits by IS in Syria.

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