Kiwi fined after ruckus over reclined plane seat

  • 10/07/2015
Plane seats (iStock)
Plane seats (iStock)

A New Zealander has made international headlines after causing a scene on a trans-Tasman flight when the person in front of him reclined their seat.

Thirty-eight year old roofer Shane Mathew Diedrichs appeared in the Brisbane magistrate's court yesterday for offensive and disorderly behaviour abroad a flight from Wellington to Brisbane in November, according to The Guardian.

A refusal of another passenger to move his seat back up from a reclined position caused the Kiwi to become agitated and violent.

Witnesses report Mr Diedrichs began pushing, kicking and kneeing the man's seat, making violent gestures and speaking in an aggressive tone.

It didn't stop there, with Mr Diedrichs whacking the reclining passenger's headrest before asking to move seats.

The man reported suffering whiplash injuries from the headrest strike.

Mr Diedrichs' lawyer said he was very embarrassed of his actions, and was frustrated over pay he hadn't received for work.

He told reporters outside court that he only became frustrated when the other passenger responded in a rude manner.

He said: "I did ask nicely and it was the response I got, that's what fired me up. I'm not a violent person, I'm not an angry person, it was just bad timing," The Guardian reports.

However the magistrate gave Mr Diedrichs a $600 fine and told him he was lucky he wasn't facing an assault charge.

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