Lions, leopards and bears – oh my!

  • 24/07/2015
Lions, leopards and bears – oh my!

A wild black bear, obviously tired of the wild life, has broken into a zoo in Anchorage, Alaska.

The creature was first spotted wandering around the park, before climbing a tree.

It's believed the bear may have been searching for food, and there's no suggestion it was there to try and lead some of his fellow bears out of the gates to freedom.

Meanwhile, a private school in India has had an unwelcome visitor: a leopard.

The big cat caused panic among students and staff in Chikmagalur, and when police arrived they called a team of vets with tranquillisers.

It wasn't all bad for students – school management made the rest of the day a holiday.

And in the United States, a suspected lion is on the loose in Milwaukee – but some think it might just be a big cat.

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