London bombings survivor: 'May we never forget'


Britain has remembered the terrorist atrocity that turned an ordinary working day into a scene of devastation.

Exactly 10 years since four bombs exploded in London's morning rush hour, the city's transport network stopped in silence to honour the 52 people killed in the suicide attacks.

It was solemn and silent as the victims of a bomb blast deep underground were remembered, and British counterterrorism police say they've foiled up to 50 attacks in the last decade.

Survivor of the bomb attack, Emma Craig, says the event is still fresh in her mind.

"Sometimes I feel that people are so hell-bent on people trying to make a point on terrorism not breaking us that they forget about all the people who got caught up in it.

"Not for my sake, but for those who were killed on that day and their families. They're the people we're here today to remember. May we never forget."

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