MH17: Video shows rebels looting wreckage

MH17: Video shows rebels looting wreckage

On the anniversary of the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, shocking new footage has emerged of the immediate aftermath of the crash.

Two New Zealanders were among the nearly 300 people killed in the tragedy.

In the video released today, Russian-backed rebels can be seen looting the still-smouldering wreckage.

They rifled through bags, quickly coming to the realisation they hit a passenger plane instead of a Ukrainian air force fighter jet.

With the wreckage still smouldering and bodies scattered everywhere they tried to keep locals clear.

The video backs up claims the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile.

The footage was taken by the rebels themselves and published today.

"I would've thought it would've been more appropriate to hold onto it for a few days and at least let us have this day without having to relive that experience," says Paul Guard, who lost his parents in the tragedy.

Tears flowed for the 38 Australians who were on board. This morning in Canberra's parliament gardens, a plaque with their names inscribed was unveiled.

"We remember our dead, we thank those that brought them home, but most of all we acknowledge the suffering of the bereaved," says Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Australia is pushing the UN Security Council to set up a war crimes tribunal to bring those responsible to justice. The idea has already been dismissed by Russia – a permanent member of the council.

"I do hope that, that prosecution can be done," says Mr Guard. "It's obviously problematic but that would bring some solace to some families I'm sure."

The international investigation will release its final report into the disaster in October.

"The evidence that has been gathered in this investigation can be taken on board by a tribunal and those persons, entities, countries responsible can be held to account," says Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

But even in the face of seemingly overwhelming evidence it is unlikely that will ever happen.

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