Olympiakos president Evangelos Marikanis cleared of match-fixing

  • 31/07/2015
Evangelos Marikanis
Evangelos Marikanis

Criminal charges against Olympiakos president and shipping magnate Evangelos Marinakis have been dropped.

But another 85 of the 158 defendants in a case alleging match-fixing have been ordered by an appeals court to go to trial, with their charges ranging from felonies to misdemeanours.

Among those to face trial are five club presidents, as well as a range of players, referees, betting brokers, managers and a former employee of Greece's football federation.

Marinakis, 47, was banned last month from participating in football-related activities and was ordered to lodge a €200,000 (NZ$332,000) guarantee and to report to local police every 15 days until a trial.

The ship-owner and businessman faced felony charges for his alleged involvement in the establishment of a criminal gang which fixed matches with relevance to relegation and promotion battles.

Marinakis has been at the helm of Olympiakos for the past five seasons leading the Piraeus club to five league titles and three doubles.

Besides Marinakis, among the 33 suspects of the 2011-2013 match-fixing scandal are two other current owners of Super League teams, two general managers, nine members of the country's football federation, six active Super League referees and seven Super League players.