Unanimous deal on Greek bailout

  • 13/07/2015
EU President Donald Tusk (Reuters)
EU President Donald Tusk (Reuters)

Eurozone leaders have reached a unanimous deal to offer Greece a third bailout and keep it in the euro after 17 hours of marathon talks.

"EuroSummit has unanimously reached agreement," EU President Donald Tusk said on Monday.

"All ready to go for ESM program for Greece with serious reforms and financial support," Tusk said, referring to the EU's bailout fund that will oversee the third Greek bailout since 2010.

Eurozone leaders thrashed out the deal after giving Athens an ultimatum to accept harsh economic reforms or become the first country to be cast out of the single currency.

"The decision gives Greece a chance to avoid the social (and) political consequences of a negative outcome," Tusk said at a press conference at the end of the talks.

"There are strict conditions to be met."

Some leaders warned however that the deal was just a blueprint, with anger still running high over Greece's attitude during six months of negotiations.

"Europe has decided on a road map. Now everything depends on implementation," said Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas.