US treasure hunters uncover Spanish gold

  • 29/07/2015

Treasure hunters have found booty worth an estimated US$1 million from an 18th century Spanish shipwreck off Florida.

The find includes 51 gold coins, 12 meters of ornate gold chain and a single coin called a Royal that was made for then King Felipe V.

The treasure was discovered a month ago in shallow waters off the town of Fort Pierce but was kept secret to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the sinking of a fleet of Spanish ships in a hurricane off Florida in late July, 1715.

The vessels were sailing from Cuba to Spain.

After the fleet went down, Spain recovered much of the sunken treasure but hundreds of thousands of coins remain on the sea bed.

Estimates place their collective value at US$550 million.

Under Florida law, the state keeps 20 percent of the treasure.