Video: Kitten and owl's friendship blossoms

Video: Kitten and owl's friendship blossoms

A friendship of fur and feather is flourishing in a Japanese coffee shop, with a calico kitten befriending a lonely owl and subsequently setting the internet alight.

Two-month-old Marimo the kitten and five-year-old owl Fuku-chan were brought together by owners of owl-themed café Hukulou Coffee in Osaka.

Fuku-chan had been the sole owl at the café and owners thought he'd got a little lonely because of it.

In order to keep her company, the café owners decided to buy Marimo and they've been almost inseparable ever since.

The pair have been filmed playing and sleeping together and just generally being buddies.

Although Marimo is much younger than her feathered friend, she is already much bigger in size.

Their cross-species friendship has been popular with social media users in Japan and around the world.

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