Bear relaxes in pool during heat wave

  • 20/08/2015
Bear relaxes in pool during heat wave

By 3 News online staff

Perhaps the most chilled out bear in Vancouver broke into a family's backyard and took a dip in in their pool during a near-record heat wave.

North Vancouver resident Tony Diering shot video of the bear going for a relaxing dip in the family pool before climbing over into the warmer water of their adjacent hot tub, CTV News reports.

Mr Diering said the animal managed to get in by leaving a bear-sized hole in the fence which surrounded the property.

While the experience was "amazing", Mr Diering said he was concerned about the safety of nearby residents.

It wasn't the family's first run in with a bear in recent months, with another encounter where a bear helped itself to bird seed from a hanging feeder.

However, they aren't sure if it is the same bear.

"I hope that he'll just go eat some berries in the mountains instead", he said.

The province of British Columbia is home to many bears, but it is rare for face-to-face interactions with humans.

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